How to Organize the Successful Onboarding of a New Corporate Executive

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Businesses spend a great deal of time, expense and effort to resource the right executive leader for their organization.  However, recruiting a talented executive successfully is only the beginning of what should be an organized and efficient process.  One that can help them provide value and measurable results in a shorter period of time after […]

5 Strategic Job Search Rules for Executives in 2019

5 Strategic Job Search Rules for Executives in 2019 | reesmarx

Jan 13, 2019 Executive Search, Recruitment With years of experience and a record of providing quality leadership while inspiring innovation, executives are in high demand worldwide.  However, the competitive and sometimes sensitive nature of executive job search requires a strategy, careful planning and research to determine the next organization that you will invest your time and […]

Thinking of Returning to Work After Retirement? 5 Preparatory Tips to Get You Started

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In unprecedented numbers, seniors who have previously retired are returning to the workforce. There are many reasons that skilled professionals re-enter the labor market, either in a previous role they held, or by transitioning into a new profession that capitalizes on their transferrable job skills.  A new term has been coined for Baby Boomers returning […]

Why It Can Be “Lonely at the Top” for Executives

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A German philosopher named Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) wrote ‘’Auf der Höhe muss es einsam sein,” which in reference to power and leadership, roughly translated to “at that height it must be lonely”. It is something that many senior executives experience and realize, after working decades to find themselves at the top of their career.  What […]

How Can SaaS Executives Navigate Change Using SCRUM Methods?

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No other industry innovates, changes and redefines itself as quickly as the technology sector.  Software as a services (SaaS) businesses are challenged with multiple aspects of remaining competitive on a global scale.  That means recruiting and hiring top talent, and fostering a culture of creativity and ingenuity to be successful. Technology firms are increasing seeking […]

5 Leadership Tips for Female Executives in the Technology Sector

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An insightful article appeared in the New York Times, in July 2017, titled “Why Women Aren’t CEO’s According to Women Who Almost Were,” by Susan Chira.  Almost seventy years after women began to contribute worldwide in a variety of manufacturing, service and administrative roles for business, there is still a very apparent and difficult glass ceiling, particularly […]

Why Some of the Most Innovative Organizations Foster a Culture of ‘Whistle Blowing’

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Whenever we hear of a classic case of an employee, or even a media professional, sharing sensitive news from within their organization, we have a negative emotional reaction to their actions.  There is something innately natural about wanting to present positive news or communication, and a significant reluctance (and sometimes fear) to share negative, but […]

Strategy and Learning: 5 Innovative Podcasts for C-Level Executives

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To stay on top of international business, marketing and technology, C-Level executives can be found gleaning information and insights from online resources, and books.  While there is no replacement for keeping up with peers on reading for strategy and creative ideas in leadership and business, podcasts have simplified the process.  An executive with little time […]